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Like A Wave

Cave Street

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Like A Wave

If you make yourself a mule
someone’s gonna ride you
this I know

Like a breeze moves through the air
or a wave upon the water
is how I go

When you can freely give
of all that you can hold
you can know no more

If in emptiness you see
you can open any door

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Norm said

وأنا أتفق ، وهذا هو جميل جدا

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Cave Street said

Thanks, friends! Taking it one day at a time 'round here. Grateful for the feedback.

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Johnny Stone said

Dig this

Guest said

هذه هي الموسيقى الجميلة.

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thetworegs said


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Wildgeas Music said

Good to hear from you ole' buddy. Interesting sounds man.

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Brett Warren said

Coolness. Alonetone's been on fire lately.

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