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Humans Aren't Good People (MN Coffee Table Gang)

Colleen Dillon

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We haven’t been together in several months, but we had pent up creativity, and then were inspired by Bill Maher…. who gave us the hook…. “Humans Aren’t Good People”

Welcome back to the MN Coffee table - Colleen, Greg and Mark!!!!

Humans Aren’t Good People

Verse 1
Humans aren’t good people
That’s what I heard Bill say
They sneeze and wipe their noses
And just won’t go away
They often take their shoes off
And pick their ugly toes

Chorus 1
Humans aren’t good people
Everybody knows

Verse 2
Humans aren’t good people
That’s what Bill did say
They like to stick together
And have it their own way
If only they’d stop breeding
The world might be okay

Chorus 2
Humans aren’t good people
I wish they’d go away

$200 bucks an hour
To learn this simple fact
“We’re not happy
‘til you’re not happy”
And I’m not going back

Chorus 3
Humans aren’t good people
Everybody knows

Humans aren’t good people
They’ve got nothing left to show

Humans aren’t good people
Everybody knows

Fade out
you’re a poopy pants…
Well at least I give a shit…
Oh Boys!!!!!!! Well that depends…..

© October 2022 Colleen Dillon, Greg Connor, Mark Lofgren all rights reserved

Eternals's avatar
Eternals said

well, that was fun.

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

Oh my ... Great track ' My Lords & Ladies ' . I think I get your drift ....... do love magic moments ...

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Ha Ha! love it great lyrics... I really like when you all sing together....the coffee table gang is back!!! my favorite?? The ending comments...needed a good laugh...outstanding fun!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Humans may not be good but you and Mark are good company! That was a fun afternoon.

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