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Taking Back What's Mine - Studio Mix

Colleen Dillon

Here’s my last studio effort of the summer, as we roll into fall!

I wrote this one earlier in the year sipping mojito’s at the proverbial beach bar and then posted it here…. I thought I’d give it a little sprucing up with the help from my pals at F5 Soundhouse. I hope you like it too!

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Latest Comments

James Michael Taylor said

Pegging the Jimmy Buffet scenery with a country song. Love the steel and your solid lyric.

Bethan Mathis said

Such a great song.

H R Music said

Sound like a Texan. That’s a good thing.

The Zhinkies said

Beautifully sung, and fun word play.

The Proods said

…we knew her when!
Great song.

keykrazy said

Really like the sound you get there at that studio. This sounds swell! Nice song, Colleen!

JamesRaimondi said

Dig the reference to Henley singing about Forgiveness…;)

Guest said

Sounds so nice! Great song Colleen!

Greg Connor said

Outstanding Colleen! All three of these songs recorded at F5 Studio are excellent.

Colleen Dillon said

Thanks so much to Gary, Ron, Steve for the kind comments!! I really appreciate you listening!

Gary Fox said

Love the feel on this one. Very summery, it almost ‘sounds’ humid. Great number.

slkrell said

Wow that’s just soo good. You go girl,
Take it its yours “ Best new female talent
in my household” Kim says wow!

Ron said

Your studio work has been outstanding Colleen
this really sounds good..a great county tune that I can hear on country radio…

JamesRaimondi said

Nice song all the way through.

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