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wronging the truth


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this song was a live recording with one mike in the middle of all the instruments

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Drop D said

You have some BEAUTIFUL melody lines! Would love to hear a studio production of this...especially if you can contain the same energy level that you can feel on this recording (that's the trick, eh?).

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boy named bri said

Nice song. :)

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am/fm dreams said

sounds awesome..LOVE the upright bass...great vocals

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Sandy Gritt said

really cool feel to this. Great guitar and vox!

Guest said

Dig this! Very cool!

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launched said

Great live recording, and awesome song! That bass is kickin'! Wonderful vox and strummin' too!

Guest said

dig this tune. your voice fantastic!

Guest said

great tonal ambiance..nifty tune

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Cave Street said

well done... Here's to mic'ing real live instruments! Cheers!

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Dave Berry said

Fantastic song. I love this kind of stuff.

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