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Summer's Retreat

Copyright © 2014 John ‘Buck’ Erpestad

Instrumental with one guitar.

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ckgabrielle said

Very Pretty Melody. Nice playing. :) c

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Gene Eric Mann said


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richardlaceves said

Buck, ive gotta say, im asking myself, how have i missed your music for so long? this and alllll your pieces and playing are quite beautiful!! you have a great feel in your fingers as they play with the stings,, wow a new fellow to follow,, looking forward to wandering through all your music r

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sheky said

Enjoying your music.

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Clumsy Universe said

I like this place

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Nick P said

Nice song, great playing

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James Michael Taylor said

Your playing is so clean and bright. Are you mic-ing your guitar? So wistful.

Guest said

Wow ,Two in a row. Good stuff Buck. Thanks

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Greg Connor said

This reminds me of when we used to play together. Sometimes I miss that.

Guest said

Great playing and composing. I am a Fan

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kirklynch said

This is just gorgeous!

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terrysongs said

Glad you came to alonetone, I love that guitar

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Lisa D said

This is pure refreshment … thank you!

Guest said

This is beautifully Done.