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Far From Home (10-RPM2012)

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Gene Eric Mann said

SWEET! Quite a beautiful arrangement of gorgeous sounds! Fabulous!

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Howard R Music said

You’re one of the very few instrumentalists I really like. Keep it up.

Guest said

oh yes, a new fave.

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Endicott Road said

Listened to the entire album and enjoyed every song. ER

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Greg Connor said

Nice one Billy! I stopped back for another listen, and added it to my “Good Friends and Company” Playlist (Favorites on AloneTone).

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kirklynch said


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thetworegs said


Guest said

Nice contrast between the punchy percussion and the gently descending curtain of guitar strains …restful and peaceful…..

Guest said

Good use of Reverb on this one. I like the effect on the percussion.

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FDR said

Nice One!

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Vegetable Man said

good stuff - i definitely hear a vocal melody over this so i offer encouragement …

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Dirty Spirits said

great RPM. much enjoyed. although i leave feeling very jealous of your guitar work. this tune is a ironic and beautiful way to end your RPM after you rocked it so hard.

Lithia Spring and the Beatniks of Destruction's avatar

Oh, very tasty! I’m always impressed by the quality of the RPM’ers!

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice!

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Greg Connor said

Very Light and Pretty! This one hit the spot.