Greg Connor

Greg Connor

from the Sunny Side of the Street. . . Savage MN

About "Everyone is Irish On St Patrick's Day"


Everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s Day

C Everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s Day
Cause F it’s the only Irish thing to C do
A F twinkle in the eye of every C I Em rish Am man
Will D leave you with a better point of G view

C Everyone is welcome when we celebrate
F Even if you’re only passing C through
You’ll F find yourself a happy heart C along Em the Am way
And F Irish luck will G always stay with C you

Let’s F raise another glass to dear old C Ireland
And F may a smile always be with C you
May you F live another day to see the C mornEm ing Am sun
And F everything you G dream about come C true

C Well it’s a lucky thing to be an Irishman
F Especially when it comes to this fine C day
F Kiss the bonnie lass’s in the C ev Em en Am ing
And D all your troubles seem fade G away

C Let’s raise them up and tip them upside down my friend
And F honor old St Paddy till we’re C through
Let’s F celebrate until the sun shines C down Em a Am gain
And F all the ladies G show us their C tattoos

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