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I C see it all Em happen on the F evening C news
Am Someone G started C something G
C Running for Em cover, F crying the C blues
Am Your world is G just a C crumbling

C It was bad Em before and it’s F getting C worse
Am You think you G won’t get C through G
C It looks just Em like a F dreadful C curse
Am As you stand for G what is C true

Yes I
G Hope my energy will F find it’s way to C you
G Hope you soon will F begin to feel it C too
Just a Am ray of G sunshine will F kill a lot of C pain
C I Hope that G hope will F find you once C again

F Whatever G comes your C way
F Hope will G bring you Am through
Bring you G through
F Hope will G bring you C through

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oldfolks2 said

Excellent .... and a powerful message ......

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Nick P said

Wonderful song :)

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

sincere. great voice. unexpected wind

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Ron said

Excellent.....very current the added bridge....and the instrumentation is perfect

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Colleen Dillon said

Perfect song for these challenging times indeed. I really love this song!!

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