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Always Thinking

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Merry Bear said

Some sweet banjo, and that low-noted lead break was very cool, and the lyrics just tickle me.

Guest said

I do love these lyrics! And I can't type in these varifocals

Guest said

yeaaaa! not only I find your music really good, it's just the inspiration I need right now

Guest said

I dig how you mixed and and mastered all the instruments in this song to support each other just so. Your picking style, executed and delivered with such sweetness, is down-right sexy! Always enjoy your voice too.

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Endicott Road said

Laughed at your lyrics. Been there, done that. And my hair is right where it should be, thank you very much! ER

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Wildgeas Music said

Diggin' on the banjo.

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Lisa D said

Classic Connor ... weaving those instruments together beautifully!

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02bfree said

Been there Greg.Women lie.Blame the snake.

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Open Concept said

nice work man. enjoyed the ride! thanks for checkin us out as well.

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

It keeps smileing.Greg.

Guest said

A bouncy ride for sure. Empty tank full on Lovin'.......Vickies Favorite

Guest said

great tune

Guest said

Ha ha ha ha, have I ever said how wonderful you are?

Guest said

Love yer lyrics. Doin the best you can? Yeah right!

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