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Another Minnesota Coffee Table Song! Written and recorded “live” in one evening.

Memories: Written and performed by John Bennet, Joe Passofaro, Mark Lofgren, Colleen Dillon & Greg Connor. Listen to Minnesota Homebrew Radio w/ Carl Unbehaun on Pioneer Radio 90.1 Thief River Falls.
(May 30th at 6:00). This song and others will be featured on Carl’s Show.

through the window tonight
Sweet thoughts of you
cuz everything is all right

Left you earlier today
We had strolled through the park
And kissed our blues away

Reliving the memories
Reliving the memories
Reliving the memories
Always makes me smile

In my brain tonight
Dreaming of you
before the morning light

Repeat Chorus

Like a soft summer wind
Blowing through time
The love that we’re in

Repeat Chorus

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thetworegs said

Loved the live homely feel beautifully sung colleen

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Great harmonies!

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Sister Savage said

Gotta love that coffee table! Love the breeziness here - fabulous, bittersweet track. Music and voices sounding ace as ever.

Guest said

Another great song. such fun. Mom

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ckgabrielle said

Nice vocal, Colleen.

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

Yay!!!! That was a great time together. I love this song so much!!!!

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Oh yeah...full band recording!!.... vocals are outstanding, really nice live mix ....

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