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Old Country Songs

Greg Connor

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Written by Greg Connor


Old Country Songs

Wooden Chair by the window
Gibson on my lap
And the time I spend strumming
Is never coming back
The sun is shining on me
Evening won’t be long
I’m living in the city
Singing old country songs

Well my mind tends to wander
Round this time of day
All the way back to my old country ways
Where the wood stove would crackle
Against the north wind
Our thoughts were as warm as the house we were in

I left this old city far behind
When me and my sweetheart
Had a country frame of mind
And we left with our youth
For uneven ground
You can’t imagine
All the things that we found

Everything keeps evolving
It’s never quite clear
How we left long ago
Just to find ourselves here
It’s when that afternoon sunlight
Is shining on me
I seem to wander
Back to the country

Copyright © 2012 Greg Connor

Latest Comments

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

Still wish you were over with us on facebook.

Justin Otter Guy's avatar
Justin Otter Guy said

Especially love it when the whistle comes in.

Guest said

I like them both. You are amasing

Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Real nice song

Guest said

Back for another listen. I love this one

Guest said

Greg - beautiful. You amaze me with your talents for writing, playing the music and singing! Phil

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

what a fantastic song. One of your best

epimeison's avatar
epimeison said

Really nice song, Greg.

Lisa D's avatar
Lisa D said

Heartfelt and beautiful! That clean, "exposed" style is very courageous, if you know what I mean. (love the whistle too )

Guest said

Just another great one Gregg. I really like the lyrics ...things I have thought many times, but not able to get it down like you can. Verne

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

The sound is very Townes Van Zandt... I was listening from the other when it first came on and I thot it WAS TVZ. Like an Irish TVZ.

Guest said

Oh, so many could identify with this beautiful song. Tenderly done Greg.

Guest said

Currenly kicking my admiration into overdrive

Guest said

Oh gosh, Greg, how beautiful! I miss you bunches over at ez. Make a deal with you -- come back to Richard's and I'll give alonetone another try. Stay gorgeous! GEM

Guest said

This wonderfull music just flows from you my friend. Another excellent one! Daryl

02bfree's avatar
02bfree said

A well written song. Resonates on several levels.

Guest said

Great lyrics Greg......another outstanding song!!!!

Guest said

Greg...great song...certainly 'a keeper'.

Guest said

Iam back for more....Excellent

Robert Palomo's avatar
Robert Palomo said

You know you're listening to a good song when you find yourself going "wow, that's about me!"

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

Now that is what I call a Greg Connor song.! It pleases me no end just to know you're out there writing your heart out in these songs.

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Sweet gentle looking back without anger

Roger M. Harris's avatar
Roger M. Harris said

Tell you what Greg, most us strain to write a song, you just pop them out, like this one. Just like that !!! A song that sure put's a smile on my face & makes me warm inside

Guest said

Oh yes . I get it! Instantly Faved'

Guest said

I dont Know Why your songs always hit me right in the heart. I cant tell why,but this is what Originals are all about! No body can do a sraight tune like you can . My Hero Five Stars my friend.......slkrell

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