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I left my home in paradise when warning signs begun
With a member of my aging family
I left behind the trees so tall they almost blocked the Sun
And a lake so big it looked just like the sea

The wind blows cold through paradise in winter
But the wood stove keeps us cozy til Spring
Geese fly overhead when ice gets thinner
And wild flowers bloom and song birds sing

Now I live a long way from Paradise
I think about it every single day
Time passes by, one day I’m gonna try
To get back to Paradise and stay

Those Northern lights are shinning over Paradise
So seldom I can be there to see
I hope I’m back again once I’ve payed this sacrifice
Paradise is where I wanna be

© 2020 Gregory A Connor All Rights Reserved

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thetworegs said

I want to go to paradise... it’s raining here

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Colleen Dillon said

This one got me choked up. Really beautiful Greg. You’ll get there, and I’ll be cheering you on for sure!!

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah. What a song. Paints all sorts of images/stories in my head. But yeah, I end up yearning for the Paradise I recall myself... Faved, accidentally unfaved, and FAVED again! (Got a bit clicky there lol)

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slkrell said

Ha I remember a lil conversation between two friends on this singular topic........ Get back you deserve this .

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oldfolks2 said

Think I'll hang up my guitar now Greg , that has got to be the best song I've heard from you, Faultless mate, Faultless .....

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Ron said

oh yeah....I need Paradise!! great one Greg....

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