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The Owl

Greg Connor

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There is a story behind this song. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Moonlight shined through the trees in the woods

A barred owl called and I understood

Nocturnal presence flew silently by

I tried to relate then called back in kind


Over my shoulder then quickly was gone

It called from the tree top, said I’m not alone

It seemed to advise me on which way to go

There’s a lot more to life than I’ll ever know


I heard the owl calling, I tried to reply

The moonlight danced on the trees

All alone, I can’t explain why

The owl was calling to me


Perched on the branch the raptor looked wise

I felt right at home when it looked in my eyes

Stars seemed to shimmer comforting me

I shined like the forest of moonlit trees

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EstudioChispa said

Oh, and GREAT PIPES part!

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EstudioChispa said

I like the "leave it at that for now" intro! Let the listener fill in the background; you've sketched out the foreground quite nicely.

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James Michael Taylor said

Some time back, you left me a note on a song, Kingston Recliner:Destiny . . . You know, your verse might make a nice bridge to really capture the essence of “Destiny”. I just saw it and am wondering what "Destiny" is.

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oldfolks2 said

Top notch as always Greg, keep warm mate, happy new year.

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Nick P said

Love the tune. Great lyrics.

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MinnesotaCoffeeTable said

Another listen to an amazing tune... Happy 2022 to you!!! And thanks for coming by to play the hits!!

Guest said

Greg, this song and lyrics are amazing and completely touched my heart as silent tears slide down my cheeks. A tribute from the heart for your mom with love in each word.

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Ron said

Great song and great lyrics...I am pretty sure I know what inspired this beautiful song!!

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Colleen Dillon said

A great song to mark the beginning of a new year indeed

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Colleen Dillon said

Gorgeous! Simply wonderful. Love the pretty pipes and the imagery

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