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Windmill Cafe

Greg Connor

Here is my contribution to Carl Unbehaun’s, Minnesota Homebrew Radio Show, song writing Challenge:

Write a song about Minnesota … Anything goes.

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Colleen Dillon said

Your voice is so awesome! Love this one so much. I’ve got to visit that cafe!

K.Davidsen said

Nicely done!

oldfolks2 said

Good one Greg

KCsGroove said

a fine song
beautiful bright guitarwork and nice vocals
very much enjoyed!

Robert Palomo said

Really nice production! You’ve obviously been to that joint a few times.

Now what about a tune “Minnesota Mosquitos”?

tilden said

Very nice track, well done!

Ron said

this sounds like pure Nashville …a hit for sure .. Love it Greg!!

Guest said

Neat Song Greg. I like the way you blended the recording - Guitar - Great Voice - Harmonica. I did not realize you were a song writer along with all of the other talents.

slkrell said

Yum ,most revered style here. Lovely feel .
Say hello toEarnest for me.

James Michael Taylor said

Perfect for your voice. “aging Silverado…” “so, I don’t say a word, my order is heard.”

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