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The Other You (short film soundtrack)


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A good friend of mine Harris Kidd filmed a short piece of work starring my other great friend (and my drummer) Zay Brignall, anywaaays he asked if I could make a soundtrack for it soooo I sat down and watched it over and over and started plunking out ideas. After a lot of recording and peicing together juuust right I came up with what I think is a pretty kool soundtrack peice
(I wish I had the video but i will try and see if it can be posted)

Guest said

This is such a good composition, beautifully done. OOOOOOOh nice!!

Guest said

Oh yay, very nice indeed. It has a tendency to keep the listener on the edge of the seat. Well played and thought out. Witty bit of "Good, Bad and Ugly" there at the end.

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richardlaceves said

really very nice,, this keeps up a great sense of suspense,, well done,, what synth are you using?

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GelBernardo said


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Keith Landry said

Very cool.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This is captivating bro! Very cool soundtrack!!!! Link us with the video when it's done.

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Movement To Contact said

Like the flute at the end

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kirklynch said

Very Nice! Hope to see the video

Guest said

Good one.

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