from Munich, DE

About "Don't Drink My Beer"

That beer on the table yours or mine?
I only left the room for a short time.
If you’ve gone and switched them I’m gonna be sad,
Cos that beer was the best one that I ever had.

Don’t drink my beer, you hear?
I’m counting to 4 just to make myself clear.
Eins, zwei, drei und vier,
You say Prost, and I say cheers!

People say that I’m nice to know,
A listening ear I’ll always show,
Any piece of advice I’m willing to share
But this is my beer, so don’t go there!

Don’t drink my beer………….

What I’ve got I’m happy to lend,
Sharing with a special Friend
But you’re crossing the line I’m telling you now,
Would you eat the sacred cow?

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