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Demo for new song written during the April 2020 RPM Challenge.

Sitting in our home all alone, with only
Remnants of a family we had known.
Is that mold?
Send us a life line.
Jelly sounds mighty fine.
We’ve been long maligned,
Please wake these ghosts,
And make us toast.

Tied up in a plastic bag,
Where did it all go awry?
The momentary light of life,
routinely passes us by.
Cast aside

Wondering how our lives led to this,
Pushed aside, left out of every dish.
Do I smell fish?
We overlooked one detail,
Our’ppearance is dry and stale,
Don’t hit that final nail,
To set us free,
With debris.

We sit behind old leftovers,
Who’s smell resembles a low tide.
We’ve been left alone for so long,
We’d welcome being pushed aside,
S’till a touch implied.

Remember when we’re one big happy loaf,
Then all of our dreams went up in smoke,
Slices leaving one by one,
Until there’s only us,
Until there’s only us
Until there’s only us

Sitting in our home all alone, with a
timeline that is all our own.
No more grindstone.
We finally have the time, every
Day is yours and mine,
A brand new starting line,
It’s now easy street,
Since we made ends meet.