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A lil rocker influenced by some of my faves, Springsteen, Petty etc.. well i left my home and family and made my way out west i lost my job at the steel mill im a hoping for the best in this life for my kids and wife just outside of Davenport…read more
rpm #7,, i think this will be the overture, to a small midi orchestral suite, which i hope will finish up as my remaining 3 pieces for this years rpm, but well see how that goes,, thanks for all the helpful comments i have received on this project…
Arrangement by Jana Persson (Strummindude) Accompanying vocals by Andrea Szirbik CIVIL WAR Holding down the borders What's mine is yours Folding down the corners Of pages meaning more Walking on the wire Never thought to look for…read more
a brief night journey on the sea of a dream,,, rpm #5 halfway there!
Here we go, a tender little rocker from the broom-cupboard... A tale of regrets and wotnots. For/to RL **** **Tiffany's Estate - A A J Russe** I wish I still had my position there A steady job on Tiffany's estate Each and every…read more

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Steve Krell (SLKrell) and I have been feuding over the same girlfriend for a while now. In fact, there are several songs about her on Alonetone. Here is the latest in the story: SLKrell says it’s a drag Rosie made him pack his bag Always…read more

Dream Estate is a collaboration of Brett Emmerson Wyatt, The Elysians, The Strumpets and Vague Atmosphere…

from South Bend, Indiana, United States

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