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Easy Riders On The Storm

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This tune was written on the day I bought my vintage Yamaha CP-25 electric piano and returned to hear that Dennis Hopper had passed away. I fired up the gear and cranked this out. The sound of the piano made me feel like Ray Manzarek…thus the title. It was the first thing I played on that keyboard. I love new toys. I had also been listening to a lot of Burning Spear that week…so that explains the dub feel.

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kirklynch said

Nice! Missed this one of yours

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

Slow and low FTW.

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Djörk said

good stuffs

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Whales said

Cool beat makes my head bounce side to side

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Vestigial Remorse said

Awesome solid sound! A great mix

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Drop D said

Thanks, beetle! glad you dig it...just wondering...what movie where you watching?

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beetle said

this song has me walking around with my netbook grooving out.goes perfect with the movie that's on too!

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Rick Phillips said

Sweet stuff Drop D, You got major groove :)

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richardlaceves said

nicely done,, sounds like you had some fun making this

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igor said

~Tired dub riders, weighed down by the burden of the past~

Guest said

Nice track, great atmosphere to it!!

Guest said

just listened - laid back & smoooth - that says so much about you guys and it makes the chaos of the earthquakes that much more tragic - peace & blessings dude.

Guest said

the "halp" tab on the website, forced me to want to listen...just sayin'

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lgh said

Great listen, and a wonderful dedication! LG

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Drop D said

No...this is NOT a cover of the is a tribute to both The Doors and Dennis Hopper who died on the day I wrote this.