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Zombie or Vampire

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First track I produced on my DAW…just tryin’ to get the feel of thing at the time (no manual…well…a manual, but it’s in Japanese…so same thing). Anyway, it’s pretty simple…programmed a drum track, threw down a fretless dub line…threw down aNOTher fretless dub line…ping-ponged ’em for some headphones only fun, and then tossed in a melodica for good measure…then went back to add the distorted bass for ear-candy and a little groove punch. Still hoping to get the smoky voice of an old sage talking about zombies (in the historical sense…brain-damaged vooodoo slaves) and vampires (people who suck the life out of others)….someday.

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Sea Tangle said

really chill. i dig it.

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice D. Got a chance to jam in my phones and enjoyed this one a lot! Love the bass man, love it.

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Vestigial Remorse said

You're right, this really sounds cool over headphones! Cool sound

Guest said

Mellow and inspiring!

Guest said

Love ya, Scott!

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odh said

Zombie, please, if you're offereing...

Guest said

Killer Groove!!!!

Guest said

Totally chilled ice cold beer track bro. well done.

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Drop D said

my latest up-load...but one of my first productions...I personally recommend headphones.