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The Slithered King

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This tune hopefully shows the culmination of my musical influences (namely, Mick Karn (R.I.P.), Adrian Sherwood, Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble…) while also painting a visual picture…as it was written and recorded in one day after I went free-diving on the Izu Peninsula of Japan and had a moray-eel swim up behind me and scare the crap out of me. The drive through the mountains of Izu on the way home contains sounds of doppler insects. So…everything comes together as “The Slithered King.”

Guest said

As soon as I played this our cat came running in. Just thought you should know.

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Brett Warren said

This is really cool, D. Don't know if I've heard anything quite like it.

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Movement To Contact said

Thanks D! I appreciate it! I just play whatever comes to mind. I enjoy listening to your tracks as well.

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richardlaceves said

yes a fun piece indeed,,eels oh yes,,iv had a few swim around me and over me,, in fact i know a place Cliperton Atoll that is so remote that the ells will swim ou, and approach divers one on one,, they don't do anything bad their just curious ,, nice piece take care Richard

Guest said

i like the sounds, your making some good stuff man

Guest said

fun song.

Guest said

A well established reggae-groovy track...Rocking heads eh..

Guest said

When I invented music, I had no idea that it would become so popular or that so many people would enjoy making it.

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Derek Dibbern said

diggin it. YES

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