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Into The Ground

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This solo studio dub jam was created and recorded in about 8 hours of play time one day. As usual, it starts with a simple drum machine track, then fretless bass, then keys, guitar, then a Balinese kecak drum and a tbilat drum and finally melodica. Just got caught up in the groove and ran the sucker “into the ground.”

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Drop D said

I just made a video putting this song to Charlie Chaplin's speech, "The Great Dictator" It turned out to my liking, so I think I'm changing the title of this tune to "Soldiers In The Name."

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

I never say no to a boomy bass growl like that. Love it! :)

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Dave Berry said

excellent groove. The bass really makes this one soar.

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Drop D said

Thanks, guest! Space Echo's rock! It's my new toy...still having fun playing around with it. Fun for daaaaaays!

Guest said

I love the vibe of your music. Super chill! Great album cover! I can't believe you have a Roland Space Echo. Those things are so sweet!

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Sandy Gritt said

Great sound...very tasty bass playing. hypnotic.

Guest said

The mix of reggae and alter-space vibe is really cool, really liking your music.

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igor said

...into the ground, towards the roots. Closer by the roots of dub ancestors. Africa...

Guest said

Really nice track!

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Movement To Contact said

Tight sound another track for a nice sunny wander. :)

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kirklynch said

Very Cool! Digging that fretless bass!

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thetworegs said

great beat it drew me in................

Guest said

Digging that big fat moody bass! Very cool piece!