Don't Throw Your Dingus At Me


If you are wondering, the song is about the boardgame Ticket to Ride, but I can’t call the song that. I call the scoring marker a “dingus”.


Now you’re laying out the board
shuffleing the cards
placing all the scoring markers
how can it be hard
a piece is missing
where can it be?
Flying out of nowhere now,
Don’t throw your dingus at me

Start the game in earnest now
Keeping up the score
I got a few hundred points
you have many more
lost my temper
flipped the board
Wooden bits are painful ow
Don’t throw your dingus at me

Counting up the final score
Is gettin you mad
the route you though you scored
Was not what you had
It’s a swing of almost 40 points
Takin aim at somebody
Don’t throw your dingus at me.

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