Walkin' Song


This suffers from “last track syndrome”, I started it with only two days to go and I didn’t have time for any re-takes.


Gettin off the couch and hittin the street
wearing some clunky ol shoes on my feet

Go around the block in the simmerin fog
Runnin into babies and a lunatic dog

Trippin down the sidewalk step in a hole
bangin my head on a big metal pole

doin it for excercise doin it for fun
doing it mainly just for gettin it done

Lets take a stroll
and lose control
talk about things
ignore the stings
beat the soles

Walk about 17 miles a week
walkin in the snow walkin in the sleet

walking past the shop where the donuts sing
tying to ignore almost everything

feel a little better on this regimen
movin up to 4 on a scale a ten

greetin all my neighbors as they do the same
trying not to follow like I gone insane

Gettin up to 45 minutes a day
got the walkin gene in my DNA

get a little lonely while I’m walking around
wearing little headphones an groovin some sounds

breathin in the air and smellin the stink
gettin so cold that my ears turn pink

hopin that it all kinda helps in the end
hoping that the achy knees will mend

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