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Elusive Gene

Tess Savage - composition, synth, strings, voice
Mr Sandbags - beats & reichatron samples

Deep in the night
I remember

(Savage 2012)

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Johnny Stone said

Great strings top track.

mmi said

+1, Like, etc

Keith Landry said

Verrrrrrry nice.

The Culprits said

Cello sounds great, wifey!


Guest said

nice!very atmospheric

Mr Sandbags said

I love the music and tone of this one. The way the opening draws you in, the tension of the strings, and the rising, sucking, synth almost like someone whistling across a wasteland. Yet the strings bring you back! The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts.

A Bit More Better Productions said

this is well twisty! the rising synth bits wicked..

Guest said

Ahhhhh… yes!

Guest said

What a perfect title!
That is the feeling this track gives. Glorious composition Tess, well played. Lovely understated vox too.
Great beats as well.

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