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Glasshouse Blues


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I’m a gardener - figure it out!

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kavin. said

Foot stomopin fist pumpin gooness here yawl!

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Justin Otter Guy said

Oh holy dookie you're a frinkin' guitarist from hell! Wow! You are on fire -- Rock the Hell on!

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Billy Jack said

I agree Gibbons/Lemmy vox going on.

Dirty Spirits's avatar
Dirty Spirits said

voice is like a cross between billy gibbons and lemmy. very strong indeed. great harp.

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helen said

Love this, all of your stuff is great

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Nick P said

Nice and gritty...great song!!

Guest said

kinda like this track reminds me of when you playing harmonica and jack dancing in your glasshouse and me with my camera phone good tune mat

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02bfree said

The harp break was cool.

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jip said

Liking that bass riff - is it one of mine? haha. Nice one mate.

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Wildgeas Music said

Rock and Roll!! Diggin' the harp man.

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