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As I have mentioned in other years, I am so very blessed to have some songs come to me in my dreams. Grace is one of them. The specific line “Grace, grace, grace! You don’t have to be a lonely child” is what I retained in my waking moments so I quickly grabbed my phone and mumbled the lyrics and melody into it so I could recall the dream before it faded. To be honest, this recording is a little bit of a trainwreck mix-wise, so I will probably clean it up at some point. But its a fun, rollicking sort of number, so figured a little loose and crazy would be ok on this one.

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oldfolks2 said

I like it alot ....

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Andrew Russe said

Aww yes... I was frantically exchanging messages with a crazy person while it was all playing... so I gotta come back when it's quiet (maybe when I'm working next week)... maybe even read the blurbs that go with the songs... but yeah, loved it... how do you manage this every year??!

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Sister Savage said

Another astounding RPM album, Lord Fox! The summer just started.

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KCsGroove said

great to hear new music, Gary This is my first listen and i like it! KC

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Keith Landry said

Another brilliant album, Gary. Seriously, wonderfully done.

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