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Fishermans Blues (The Waterboys)


Uploaded .

My first upload.

This is a cover of probably my favourite song of all time, by The Waterboys, who were introduced to me many years ago when the highlight of my week was Thursday night TV, pizza and quaffing Baileys.

Thanks to Sister S for her encouragement and much needed kick up the backside.

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JR James said

Awesome vocals and another fine piece of songwriting.

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vaisvil said

great performance and song!

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Norm said

Great song, which I had not heard before. Well done!

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kirklynch said

Lovely! Great sounding recording

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Gem said

@Gumbo - Thanks for you nice comment. Used Garageband, recorded both vocals and guitar on one mike, double tracked with a bit of ol'reverb, chorus and flange. Just looking for a more forgiving sound as it's my first one.

Guest said

Oh, I didn't know you sing Gem. You aren't just cute little dimples are you!!

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Gumbo said

Noice version :-) whatever way you recorded that guitar is lovely. Is it reverb/delay or is it the room?

Guest said

cool tune.

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thetworegs said

sounds great good vocal

Guest said

One of my favourite songs of all time - great, heartfelt version! Welcome to alonetone. (Love the melodic changes - you made it your own.)

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