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*apology for the artifacts

so this was a song sitting around for a while, didn’t know what to do with…common occurrence. anyways, i wanted to create a song that had a bit of a ‘grainy’ vinyl feel to it, with nice, slightly distorted highs and punchy lows.

this song, at one point, approached 100 tracks, a milestone for myself (though not necessarily a goal).

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maggspie said

really like this !

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AMUC said

I like the trippily-demented jazz section around 4:45.. That caught my attention.

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k00 said

I absolutely love the percussion on this track... it seems to fit in so perfectly.

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Norm said

Way cool. Man, that's a lot of tracks!! Epic.

Memoir's avatar
Memoir said

Wicked cool. I love your style.

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card's avatar
Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

wonderfully auspicious.

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The All-Girl Boys Choir said

Cool tune. xox.

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Hydrographica said

Prime cuts of reverb, avant garde and ambient. I freaking love it.

Guest said

Incredibly how the bass and drums come in. Feedback around 1:40 even works nicely..

Guest said

Weird and wonderful.

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Johnny Stone said

Some cool sounds happening in this mate, nice one.

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kirklynch said

Interesting sounds! I like the way it gets almost chaotic and then goes to that guitar lick outro at the end

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