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Bubble gum

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A silly, sort of dreamlike / lullaby-ish tune, about weird travels on a bubble-gum balloon.

See one time I was chewing bubble gum and it was mighty fine
I blew a bubble so big it took me up into the sky
So this is the story of where that bubble gum took me
The places and the people and a tower across the sea

The tower was a jungle, made of vines and chimpanzees
The chimps were in the vines and in the branches of the trees
The snake was in the water and the air was in your eye
The birds were talking crazy and this song was slipping by

By the tower in the jungle I met a woman drinking wine
She was ninety-nine and moving like the water, like the shine
Where fresher water and the sea are naked and entwined
She brought me to the tower, but I still smelled the salty brine

But the air was thin and sweet and I fell up into the clouds
Still floating on my bubble ’til we landed, and I bowed
‘Cause we’d landed in the flowers and the Queen was looking down
At her garden-party where the tea was being served
Her guests were glad to see me, I was a novel thing I guess
We gossipped over tea until the countess stained her dress

But now I’m back at home and I just keep trying to blow
A bubble so big that it’ll take us up into the air
We’ll leave this planet far below , we’ll float on past the moon
We’ll leave our feet and cares behind, we’ll always be in tune

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Cool imagery. Nice story, but I bet more than bubble gum was involved.

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

That's a cool track. Pulls you in a spins you round. Like it.

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thetworegs said

that whispered vocal feels very personal nice rhythm on the guitar mesmerizing track