I want to bury you in 6 feet of sugar

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

From a collection of songs Titled Pinned Up.

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Lady Jane said

Heehee… I like this x

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jip said

A strange sentiment; killing with sweetness. I like the honesty of feeling though.

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Andrew Russe said

Yes :)

I love what you do with words.

Gumbo, don’t be too quick to volunteer - that was my first reaction too, but after a few listens I could hear a darker side in this little song…

Gumbo? Gumbo? Guys!… quick, get the spades… he might still be breathing lol

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Gene Eric Mann said

Great song! I dig the psychedelic flavor, the strumming style, the vocals, the lyrics, the mix-down/mastering job – all of it! Rock on!

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith said

ah haha ha :)

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Gumbo said

I volunteer!!

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