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nebula spin 0x01


Uploaded .

it is a little bang. a star explodes. matter becomes energy, light, and patterns. chaotic beauty. it is a cloud of color. it is a nebula.

artwork is here:

this music is an attempt to drift inside a nebula. to see new patterns and colors. to see the rhythm of light and dark. to capture the spin of the nebula.

it is also a first attempt to create “space ambient” style music.

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ShamPain said

nice atmosphere in the pads

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Utopian Hedonism said

spatial tracks...really like your trips among sounds. Great work !

Guest said

indeed your words work with music to trigger imagination in unexpected ways. Wish I had better animation software so I could something for this...I have ancient software.

Guest said

I really like this.

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kirklynch said

I'd say you succeeded in your attempt. Lovely- relaxing journey!

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