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Heal (your broken soul) mixed


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Mixed by Eniless.

Guest said

Hello big sister of mine, i wanted to write a comment for you about the song: keep it sinple, there's no place to write a overall comment so i'll do it on this song. You have an amazing voice and the song is beautifull! I just can't stop listing to you! I am your biggest fan and I love you! Love Marianne

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Keith Landry said

Hey Inge, Just dropping by to listen to your good good stuff after some time away. As always, I'm amazed by the purity of your soulful vocals. Keith

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thetworegs said

Great quirky broken hearted track

Guest said

nice vox!

Guest said

RE 27, in the blooming of my life! Getting my inspiration from the love i see around me. Maybe I can dragg you into the happyness! by all means... :) you are certainly welcome to try! :) I knew one girl who said she was going to get me to open up. She gave up. lol. She was awesome though..she took me to her house where she had horses. Opened doors on a small barn..told me to stand there at the opening. Then she went to the other side. A moment later I felt the ground shaking ...all of the sudden...6 horses were headed at me at full trot! was scarey..but one by one they shot into their stalls. Each one knew which one was theres too.

Guest said

Excellent work Inge.

Guest said

Wow! This sounds great!

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Memoir said

Great sound! Please keep up the good work!

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childhoodsend said


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Sudara said

It's great to hear your voice being supported by other instruments than guitar, it's a whole other world. Is there more to this song, or is it just the short but very sweet 1 min?

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