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Guest said

Thank you all for kind comments!


Guest said

a very quiet genius

Guest said

Nice peter! Very poetic stuff.

Breaking Light
Breaking Light said

Great sounds in this playlist yawl!
Thanks for helping Japan.

Wildgeas Music
Wildgeas Music said

Well that was different :)

crackitopen said

chilling…caught in the moment

[ink | fuel] netlabel
[ink | fuel] netlabel said

Thanks kavin !

kavin. said

This is a seriously good album, raw in places, but all fascinating and experimental. It deserves more listens.

Guest said

Great piece….!

KraftiM said

Holy Moyes….. this guy is making great soundscapes…. nice deep stuff..

MF Hot Wheels Spaulding esq
MF Hot Wheels Spaulding esq said

is the title a censor joke? i like those. There is much space to think in this piece.

Guest said

well played!
calming and wondering tom!

skiks/bruce hamilton
skiks/bruce hamilton said

beautiful Tom; congrats on the project Jukka-Pekka.