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GHOST OF JOHN MURPHY is Jeff Prince James Michael Taylor

John Murphy - inspiration - whereabouts unknown

LEE HARVEY - Archival audio found on line

FORESTS OF IRAN - Poem written by and recited by Sara Behrad - (C) 2013 Sara Behrad

AYAHAUSCA - Chant by Jairo Thanks to Peter Gorman for idea

WEATHER - voice of weatherman is Bill Werngren Listen to Bill’s Texas Bar Radio 88 FM Gothenburg Sweden -

Produced by GHOST of JOHN MURPHY All songs by Ghost of John Murphy © 2014 Royal T Music. (p) 2014 Ghost of John Murphy

Recorded at THE BASEMENT, Fort Worth, Texas

Cover photo grabbed from Wikipedia piece on The Forests of Iran

Also by Jeff Prince and James Michael Taylor: Recording as FONTANELLE (Royal T Music) FONTANELLE ONE and FONTANELLE TWO.

All instruments played by Jeff and or James