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When I was a kid, my dad was the preacher at the Church of Christ in Tehachapi, California. We lived in Palmdale, so we’d get up early on Sunday mornings, pile the 5 of us into our 1950 Chevy coupe and head up thru Lancaster and Mojave, over the hills into Tehachapi. After Sunday school and the morning “worship service” we would lunch with different church families or pot luck in the city park. Evening “services” would bring the long day to a musical close as we all watched for who might be next to walk up the isle in response the “invitation” song. This is how I remember it…
Now, after 78 years on this earth, tears wet my cheeks as I recall a time when my world was so small and life seemed so simple.

Jesus is my buddy
Jesus is my pal
I hold hands with Jesus
when I walk a troubled mile
He never will desert me
no matter what I do
So, won’t you come to Jesus
he’ll be your buddy too…

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James Michael Taylor said

Blaire Stroud Love the harmonica on that just beautiful!

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James Michael Taylor said

'Very good capture." Gwyn Henry

Guest said

You are somethin' else.

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OHHO said

Nice one James, nice one.

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