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Pattern Pattern 2


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I am singing/vocalizing audio to accompany short scenes in a film made by an artist friend of mine. She calls it “Pattern Pattern”. This segment goes with a snowy scene where shadows move in and out like wolves.

Guest said

I'd like to see the your voice and the way u use it.

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drakonis said

I like your description of the scene, and the movie sounds intriguing. Nice chilly dissonance there with the echoed half-step down. I Also noticed that I'm commenting on a bit from many months ago... so inquiring minds want to know, how is the movie coming along? I know these can become huge projects. From what I've heard here, I'd love to see what you come up with, if possible.

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Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

I love what you have done on all these tracks and greatly appreciate the info provided under "about" Thanks!

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jennifer said

Thank you! More clips on the way. The film is months from being ready, but we'll find a way to share!

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another cultural landslide said


Guest said

Wow! I love this.

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jennifer said

To Mr. E: Sure, feel free to use the track! Thanks for giving a hoot. I've got a few more tracks in the works I'll upload later.

Guest said

i loved it.very cool and different.can i use it?

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jennifer said

Thank you. The film is a series of observations of patterns in the world. Foam on the windshield in a carwash, a tarp blowing in the wind, that sort of thing. I am improvising the music as I watch each vignette. A glorious project!

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Erik Spangler said

Haunting and beautiful. I'd love to see the film.

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