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Swallowing Bells


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This is a segment that’s going into my piece “The Interview: When Words Fail”. It’s created entirely from a one second sample of a nervous swallow followed by a mouth click extracted from an interview. Overtones were manipulated to create the bell tones you’ll hear.

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drakonis said

Delightful bit of technical wizardry here... as well as a good sense of build-up and rhythm. Knowing that all this was from a single second sample makes it even more impressive, but still a fun listen on its own.

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ghostly said

Very impressive! Amazing how you can get it to sound like a band of marching soldiers from about 2 minutes in. From a swallow. Wow!

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Piscean Dream Band said

I just read the about section of this song. That's crazy!

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Piscean Dream Band said

Nice rhythmic interplay between the elements. Reminds me of a horse on a cobblestone road!

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glu said

I love it! So much beauty get's ignored in those short nanoseconds!

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jennifer said

Thanks, Johnny & Invisible!

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Johnny Stone said

Wow this is good very clever well done Jennifer


Respect, totally the other end of the spectrum from me.

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jennifer said

Thanks, Invisible. It could use a kick! Since I've dedicated myself to using only sounds extracted from my radio interviews (made by human voices) I am somewhat limited. Clearly, there's a lot I can do (creating bell tones from overtones, pumping up what low end is there) but using these sounds means I end up pointing to or approaching music. That's what's so interesting to me about the project. I think more it more as audio sculpture than music, but there's a fine line!

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makemusic said

HI Jennifer: I'm enjoying your Swallowing Bells. Question: how do you upload a pic of myself? I just joined.

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another cultural landslide said

Oh Yeah...this is excellent


Like it, it's begging for a 808 kikdrum bassline.

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