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Dark God


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Don’t know what to say about this. I fell out with God a while back, and still find the whole notion of a God pretty disturbing. So this song is something about how I relate to God now. No peace and unconditional love - more an insidious sense of foreboding, guilt, anxt and revolt.

May God forgive me - haha.

Guest said

cool song man..

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James Michael Taylor said

Yeah, I know what you ate talking about.

Guest said

Dreadlocks and Godlessness....sweet combine here......shades of 10 cc again ....later stuff.....perhaps it's me .... Jarvo

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Guest said

Mama Earth won't let you down. Great track - hooky as hell... >:)

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said


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Movement To Contact said

Intersting track, love the rasta-mid east feel with hip hop beats and ditry lead :)

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FDR said


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