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Blue Lao Tzu v1


This rough track uses my Blue Just Tuning system (go to www.johnsmusic7.com for details and a photo of the guitar). This is the same tuning Chris Vaisvil used in his Excluded By Peers piece. I hope to add some lead to the track soon.

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Guest said

Lovely stuff, John!

  • from Yahya
vaisvil said

Thanks for listening. It is a 12 tet steel string acoustic guitar harmonically filtered with D 36.8 Hz as the root. So I’d say its harmonic series.

vaisvil said

Hi John, thanks for listening. The tuning is 11 EDT and uses 0, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 as scale degrees.

mikey45011 said

far out

Johnny Stone said

Nicely played mate.

Guest said

Great playing!!

Mama Corn said

Get this to full-band status soon! I’d crawl all over this with blues harmonica. Very groovy!

Guest said

really nice sir!

vaisvil said

cool riff!

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