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Thanks to Angie Fights Crime for the drum track!
Jimmy Page On A Serious Downer Jag

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facemask93 said

I love this freaked out track , seriously good

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sinuata said

Nice album; I like the title pun too. Thanks for the comments; everything is OK here in western Japan.

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Cave Street said

I've never taken a quaalude, but I imagine this is what it feels like... well done, I prefer my drugs to be musical!

Guest said

Was just about to fave this again! Great big fat sounds! Brilliant RPM album, Kavin! Your best ever, IMHO.

Guest said

Excellent RPM album from the spacey ambience of Limits of your Love to the slidey blues of Trouble Comin' Down the Line. Nice :)

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albinoSQUIRREL (Todd Larsen) said

The title drew me in......what a cool Led Zep vibe! This is heavy, I love it!

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forest fagan said


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Rick Phillips said


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Jason Earls said

Wicked man! so heavy!

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mmi said

Dude. Dude. Dude! (the octaver is a really nice touch)

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Wildgeas Music said

Well gents, that certainly has a real refreshing style to it. Nice!

Guest said

Extremely powerful!

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Movement To Contact said

Damn really like, really enjoy the dirty sound too

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Movement To Contact said

I can dig this. Slow and low ;)

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kirklynch said

Wicked guitar sound!

Guest said

Woah, great collab! Tasty sounds!