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Acoustic improv. Top 3 pairs of strings tuned a 4th apart on 11 string guitar. And a touch of synth.

Guest said

far out

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igor said

The guitar, as an instrument to express yourself, demands presence of internal force and spirit. Here it is.

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Vestigial Remorse said

Sounds awesome!

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kavin. said

thanks. @ vaisvil, no overdubbed the synth later just for a little spice.

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kirklynch said

I have to try that tuning now. This is very cool!

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vaisvil said

can't say I'm done 4ths - I'm usually fixated on 5ths - nice improv - did you play the synth at the same time?

Guest said

Always envy those guitarists for what they can do by simply retuning some strings :-)

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Greg Albrecht said

This takes me on a musical cruise. I love the rolling groove.

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Wildgeas Music said


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Johnny Stone said

Dig it mate very cool indeed.

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corbinSound said


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Rick Phillips said

Sweet sounds from Planet Texas, nice!

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kavin. said

thanks folks, yes mmi I busted the high G on my 12 and need to get some work done on the gtr...

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richardlaceves said

very enjoyable and thoughtful piece, i can imagine you had fun doing this,i had fun listening

Guest said

Agree with Norm - very cool!

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Norm said

Very enjoyable. Thanks!

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mmi said

11 string guitar? is that a 12 string with one missing? Nice piece (and novel tuning, well novel to me anyway)

Guest said

sometimes less is better...sweet texture