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Groundhog Blues

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RPM day 2

Now I ain’t no groundhog baby
I can barely see my shoes
If I see a shadow it’s cos I’ve got the blues
If you want a weather forecast
I suggest that you watch the news
But I tell you something I can predict
There will be 6 more weeks of:
economic uncertainty

Climate disruption

Political lies and obfuscation by right wing seditionists

Chaos mayhem and war

Disappointment, broken promises and loss

Of madly loving you

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thetworegs said

At least

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Ricia Rae said

that is great....yup depressing, true, ....but you made music!

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Eternals said

I think I've been here before. :) Love it man.

Guest said

A refreshingly clever blues tune, but kind of depressing too. :) BW