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RPM Groove

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RPMers I salute you

Ice ice everywhere like a skating rink
I don’t wanna go nowhere
I don’t wanna think
I’ll just stay inside press record and sing
RPM is here

it’s 2am what else to do
Make up rhymes strum a chord
Find a good groove
Well get that sound down
Let the music ring
Ring ring ring

Music is my thing
A friend when I’m down
It heals the blues
Brings me back around
Put on some Freddie King
And make everything alright
Rock and roll on thru the night

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AaronP63 said


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Keith Landry said

Yup. Let the groove begin.

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thetworegs said


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Ricia Rae said

Hey that is awesome (and hilarious too)! Great groove and love the lyrics!! (Fellow RPMer)

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Eternals said

right from the start it's a catchy groove.