from planet Texas, United States

About "05-Bumps"

Got bumps on my body
One under my eye
Been there since birth
I don’t know why
Have one on my leg and one on my back
I guess it’s better than having a heart attack

Someone said “Know thyself” he was pretty wise
I thought I knew me pretty good
But these bumps are a surprise

So I went to the doctor he said “Don’t worry son
I’ll get rid of those bumps with my laser gun”
So he lay me down and put me out
When I woke up he said “Ooops! I must have done
Something wrong!”
And I saw my manhood was gone

No more bumps on my body I feel better now
But I can’t help but feelin’
I’m missing something somehow
But when all is said and done
You should learn from this my friend
Just leave your body alone
And everything will work out in the end

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