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About "09-Elvis the King of El-Karyaang"

For 2011 RPM Challenge album John the Resonator
A Sword and Sorcery parody. With Elvis.
Daughter Brit sang the vocal in the middle part.

Elvis was the mountain king
Who ruled the land of El-Karyaang
His wife Priscilla lady fair
Was taken by the wizard Kerr
Hidden cave and dragon lair
She was held by stone and chain
A mighty sword was brought to bear
And save the land of El-Karyaang

So Elvis donned his sequin suit
Sabre, tunic and leather boots
Into the dark he took flight
On dragon’s back into the night

Elvis came to save his bride
With blades of steel and shoulders wide
Wizard Kerr hurled spells and chants
And they danced a deadly dance

Now far away there is a land
Of meadows, lakes and desert sand
Some have called it El-Karyaang
And they’ve lost their mountain king
Elvis is dead!

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