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And You Were You

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Cut-off jeans, your eyes shining in the sun
You were looking for a good time, I was looking for “The One”
Crazy dreams, when hours never seemed too late
You believed in lucky breaks and I believed in fate
I thought the only love was true
So many things I never knew
Back when I was me and you were you

Summers passed and we went different ways
All the blacks and whites have long since faded into grays
It goes so fast - weeks to months and months to years
Still from time to time I get a ringing in my ears
Maybe you’re talking to
Someone I never knew
Who I was back when I was me and you were you

Young love doesn’t last
But it brings a smile, thinking ’bout the past

Once in a while, I’ll swear I’ve seen your face
A trick of the light in some unfamiliar place
It makes me smile, that little window in our time
Always knowing you were never meant to be all mine
Looking back at that year or two
So many things I never thought we’d do
Man, I was so new
Back when I was me and you were you

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

Great song, love the lyrics.

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Wonderful young love anthem - breezy feel is blooming beautiful.