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Northern Sky (Nick Drake cover)

Keith Landry

Some reflections after recording this song:

  1. Mic positioning for a live take can drive you crazy
  2. The lowest note I can comfortably sing is an A
  3. A tortured soul can somehow write an amazing love song
  4. I still have much to learn
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Latest Comments

another cultural landslide said

Beautiful song, covered beautifully by you. w;-)

Guest said

Lovely tone, Mr Landry. Perfect choice for a cover - beautiful.

Guest said

Beautiful lyrics, so tenderly sung.
Good choice of cover.

Djörk said

great song! great cover!

Movement To Contact said
  1. Yes it can.
  2. :)
  3. To true.
  4. We are always learning, everyday.

This is a great version. Go man go.

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Superb Keith!

Great interpretation !!!!!

epimeison said


kirklynch said

Lovely stuff Keith!

kavin. said

Great versh. I’d like more details on the mic placement. Are you just using one mic? More is better when recording acoustic.

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