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Astral Projection

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Out of body, separated, as I travel on, ascending high, a photon in the realm of light between the here and there, and twix the now and then, beyond the worlds of suns, with angels, cherubims, I loosen not the silver cord, a golden bowl is cracked, a pitcher shattered at the well, and whether in the mind or out I do not know, I hover, breathing, drawing energy, and circulating, music as my pillow, singing of the way, until again the two of us are one.

Out of body, separated, as I leave the night
Soaring higher, as a photon, in the realm of light

Twix a place and tween a time, I leave the world behind
Angels spy and demons gawk, or is it just my mind?
Clinging to the silver cord that leads into my spine
Break the pitcher, crack the bowl, and someone spill the wine
Am I over? Am I under? Am I in my head?
As I hover, breathing colors, music is my bed
Circulating, navigating, ’round a distant sun
Singing gently of the mid way, til the two are one

8/1/2014 Merry Bear

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Nice one love the thunder and wind. Great track

Guest said

pretty cool man!

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Newbold said

excellent song,.. these lyrics make me think. thinking about how that silver cord I let go of long long ago.. :) most interesting song but maybe I should never let go of the astral umbilical cord back to ground and my body .. ? I will never know.