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Inside the dream I’m drowning
I struggle for the shore
I’m swimming ‘neath the surface
I’m sinking ever more

While Davy Jones is laughing
And Neptune scoffs at me
I’m swimming on with purpose
I’m frantic to be free

  • The Sea, she is a hateful lass
  • She’ll pull you under quick
  • A struggle just to breath, my friend
  • When clinging to your brick

On land I would be dancing
I struggle with my stone
This dream we live will hurt us
We drown with what we own

– I drop my rock and rise for air
– And catch a glimpse of land
– But then I dive and find my stone
– And clutch it in my hand

– I want my brick, it’s real to me
– So in the dream I drown
– But if I rise and leave the stone
– I could be beach-ward bound

9/27/2014 Merry Bear

launched's avatar
launched said

Yes, this is my bag. Love the vibe, very cool. Sounds like something you'd hear in Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, House, etc. I'm impressed!

Guest said

Terrific. You created the atmosphere that fits your lyrics perfectly. Great song. I was imagining guitar sounds like Roger McGuinn's Ricky or David Gilmour's Strat in a sort of ocean wave sound.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

A nice ethereal quality to this. Well done!

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thetworegs said

Liking those Lyrics......

Guest said

Thank you M. Bear. IAA

Guest said

Hi Merry Bear, wanted to check out what you have just done, looks great It's has a great what to use rhythm. Very great words as well Thank you for sharing Sally Bethea Holt